Rockyview Farmhouse Eco Policy

Environmental Ethos

Green Hospitality Certified

We have been awarded certification of the Green Hospitality Awards, an award which looks in depth at all the environmental credentials of the farmhouse.

Green Hospitality is an Irish organisation that is committed to assisting the Hospitality Sector in becoming more environmentally responsible.

Rockyview Farmhouse B&B

Rockyview Farmhouse Eco Policy

Environmental Policy Statement

Rockyview Farmhouse is situated in the village of Fanore in the heart of the Burren region.

Noel and Ita are aware of the beauty and fragile nature of the Burren and so we endeavour to pass on to our guests the necessary information in protecting and enhancing the environment and to respect our wonderful landscape.

Rockyview Farmhouse is committed to taking action on:

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To achieve sound environmental practice in our entire business.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To comply fully with all relevant legislation.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To minimize our waste and reduce our water consumption where possible.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To reduce, reuse, and recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To communicate polices and practices to our guests.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis and compare our performances with our policies objectives and targets.

What we achieved to date:

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px At present we have installed energy saving bulbs throughout the house.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px We use water butts to collect rain water for garden and pond use.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px New condenser boiler to help reduce oil consumption.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Recycle bins placed in all bedrooms to collect plastic bottles and paper.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px We have a waste management policy to ensure all our waste is segregated into recyclables and non recyclables bins.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px We are now using environmental friendly cleaning agents and soaps.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px We use fair-trade tea and coffee and source local organic cheese and meats and free range eggs

Targets to improve our environmental impact:

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Reduce our energy consumption. We are looking into the possibility of installing solar panels.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px To introduce light sensors in the corridor and stair landing.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Reduce our water consumption. We hope to gradually change our shower heads to low pressure heads.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Gradually introduce dual flow toilets.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px We plan to do weekly checks for water leaks

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Take recording for benchmarking our annual water consumption.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Continue to reuse recycle and reduce our waste to the landfill.

eco-single-leaf-transp-30px Purchase items in bulk instead of individual packaging to reduce waste


Sustainable Transport

Fanore is a coastal village in North Clare. We are 45 mins drive from Shannon Airport. It is possible to reach Fanore by public transport.

The national bus routes can be viewed here:

The villages of Doolin and Ballyvaughan are 14 kms from Fanore where one can hire bicycles on a hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Other options:

The Burren Ecotourism NetworkThe Burren & Cliffs of Moher Geopark

The Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark provide further resources at:

They have also produced an app that has all transport information for the Burren. The App is free and available on iPhone and Android. Download this App today and enjoy the beauty and attractions of the Burren and Cliffs of Moher Geopark: